Format: Video Mapping
Description: 6 x projector 20.000 Ansi Lumen.
Size: 30m x 20m
Presented: 1 minute Video Mapping Competition Miyazaki, Japan
Year: 2019

In Aymara language (Qala: Stone; Qhana: Light), it represents drawings made by Jo Ta using as a reference figures carved in stone (Monoliths) by the ancient civilization "Tiahuanaco" (1,500 a.C approx.). Audio composed with Kenas, Cow Nails and a wooden box (the first two, Andean instruments). Sounds are mixed by computer and slightly distorted.


Format: A/V Installation
Description: projector 3500 Ansi Lumen, wide angle lens, portable speaker
Size: 1,2m x 3m x 1,6m
Presented: Master of Arts Visual and Media Anthropology, FU Berlin, Germany
Year: 2017

Research thesis on understanding the interaction and intersection of the body, space and culture. Case Study: Cable Car, La Paz - Bolivia.