Phone Cue

A/V Installation / Manila Biennale, Philippines / February, 2018

  • Phone Cue, Berlin - 2018

Phone Cue is a side-specific installation for two bronze figurines on podium with video projections. Phone Cue describes the line of actors, activists or participants waiting to enter the scene, the magic circle, the stage. It is an archaic space, the one that used to be the fire place. Here, people gathered and stories were told. Magic and music were the phone line to the gods. The beat of the drum synchronized our minds.

Today we barely see the stars. The bright city lights bleached the skies. We rather look at the glow on our cell phones. Today’s stories are told on our Facebook walls. The gods we evoke come as shiny electronic gadgets. We dance in line on eBay, we leave our marks on Instagram. The modern city is the place of our desire. We come to meet our dreams. A dream that seems to expand endlessly and is shared by millions. Still we feel isolated.
Phone Cue would like to propose that we have the choice and that there are alternatives to a normative commercial life were citizens are seen as “purchasing power”. We do not stand in line for summer sale, we stand in line to dance and celebrate life in the city.

Credits: Audio Creative Direction – Khan Of Finland / Video Creative Direction – Jo Ta