Juan José Zenteno Pacheco is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently dedicated to the conception and development of artistic audiovisual projects. He is known for his creative works in Bolivia and in several countries with the pseudonym "Jo Ta", which in Spanish literally means the letter "J".

He likes the subtle provocation that arises in the contrast between different perspectives and leads to questioning the stereotypes and analyzing the different social typologies. Jo Ta graduated in Environmental Engineering (EMI - 2012) and then continued with a master's degree in Visual and Media Anthropology (FU - 2017).

Juan José plays with video, image and light, using drawing and video projection. Not to be forgotten are also recycled materials and objects.

He started with Vjing works 10 years ago in La Paz, Bolivia. This led him to travel to other countries and meet unthinkable jobs. The desire to always get involved combined with a strong personality helped him to interact and learn in systems with different dynamics. An example is the position of Secretary of Cultures in the Bolivian Embassy of Berlin between 2014 and 2016.

Jo Ta now works and collaborates from Berlin, where he shares a studio with light designer Nina Lieven. Collaborates directly with R3nder (ARG), Efecto Mandarina (BOL), Color Monster (BOL), Khan Of Finland (DE) among others.

La Paz - Bolivia, 1986.


Foto: Hadas Tapouchi, 2018
Foto: Mikey Terry, 2013